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The Blue Ghost Story

Now imagine.

Imagine a world with Mechanized Robot Guardians (M.R.G) created to protect human existence against an evil group called the VIRUS; they will do everything in their power to bring the world to its knees and under their version of what it should be. They will even release world-destroying monsters. These monsters will have origins based on current creatures found on Earth. Follow each character’s story as they navigate their own personal journeys in these epic battles between Earth’s military, VIRUS, and guardians. Be ready to dive into the world of Blue Ghost edutainment.


Our mission is to bring history to a new generation by paying respect to those who have served and are serving and the civilians who have supported our military throughout the years. By providing education about our nation’s history mixed with entertainment, termed “Edutainment,” the Blue Ghost Universe will guide a new generation through our historical past, tie in today’s current events, and expand the readers' minds to our potential future. We are making profound connections throughout the stories we create as the historical events intertwine within the creation of the BLUE GHOST Universe!


While most of the Blue Ghost story is set in the future, the story development narrative will have flashbacks based on documented historical events. We believe Blue Ghost’s history is just as important as its future. Each book references relevant information, such as prior published historical books, the importance of diversity, veterans’ support for issues like PTSD, the transition to civilian life, and so much more.

Blue Ghost Universe

What is the  Blue Ghost Universe. These real-life instruments were used to help shape our history. With some imagination and physical connection to our military, they will help shape the future of younger generations.


Support the USS Lexington Corpus Christi, Texas, or your local military museum. Each institution is self-funded; your visits help maintain the museum and keep history alive.

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