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Juan Carlos Ramos who is the creator and writer of the first-ever release of USS Lexington's BLUE GHOST mech-robot 32-page comic book. He is a diverse multi-project artist who has done various works for IDW Exclusive Comic Covers, Hasbro IP projects, Topps Card Company with NBC's Heroes, New Line Entertainment's Lord of the Rings, Midway Entertainment's Mortal Kombat franchise, and official Lucas Films Artist for Star Wars to name a few. He published the children's book SOLUNA as a writer/illustrator, created the RAMOS Mecha clothing brand, and has his first collection of Metaverse NFTs titled FANG FIGHT that pays homage to Cobra Kai/Karate Kid franchises. He has an upcoming KidWOLF IP franchise in the works. Catch him at cons for exclusive content, exclusive limited merchandise, and sneak peek releases, available at the comic con events or this website

Issue 1 Blue Ghost Holographic Cover

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